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April 2023

ROMY x Coachella

Media: 8x SDI Inputs, Live Camera Switching + FX, Resolume

VJ: Evan Morris

Info/Location: Indio, CA


Jeffrey Deitch Gallery


November 2022

Veve x DesignerCon

Media: 2x3 Dotrionix Video DJ Booth + 4 Projectors

Info/Location: Lindoor Bowling, Anaheim, CA

Created with the unbelievably awesome Berk Visuals

Designer Con Visuals

November 2022


Software: Resolume & Touchdesigner

Info/Location: Nike Shoe Palace, San Jose, CA

Shoe Mapped TV wall

October 2022


Media: 1x 8.5k lumen rear short throw projection 

plus 2x 5-27' Dotronix Towers on Stage

Software: Resolume, Touchdesigner & Synesthesia

Dimensions: 20x20 ft

Info/Location: Garden AMP, Garden Grove CA

Live Concert Visuals

September 2022

Desert Daze

Media: Live VJ, freestyle glitching, concert visuals

Info/Location: Lake Perris, CA

Desert Daze Projections
Visual Technicians

May 2022

Nadia Lee Cohen

Media: 24x screen projection mapping with audio.  

Movie Theater, Hotel Room, 3x projection screen and the one and only Keracolor TV

Dimensions: Main Room

Info/Location: Jeffrey Deitch Gallery Los Angeles, Ca

Created with the unbelievably awesome Nadia Lee Cohen

Nadie Lee Cohen

Lightform & Projection Mapping

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