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Brewery Artist Lofts

Media Pollution has conducted its business at the Brewery Artist Lofts since the beginning of 2017 and has participated in the bi-annual artwalk every time since.

The Brewery Artist Lofts is the largest artist community in the country. 

โ™พ #Infinity #Mirrorbox ๐Ÿ“น 
๐Ÿ“บ #CRT #Installation #Timelapse ๐Ÿ”ฎ
#Music by @moonchannelmusic ๐ŸŒ•
#Collaborators | @n_o_b_turner @catherineasanov @ravin_dave
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Brewery Artwalk Fall 2018
Brewery Artwalk Spring 2018
Brewery Artwalk Spring 2018
Brewery Artwalk Fall 2017
Brewery Artwalk Fall 2017
Brewery Artwalk Fall 2018
Brewery Artwalk Fall 2017
Brewery Artwalk Spring 2018DSC00007
Brewery Artwalk Spring 2018
Brewery Artwalk Spring 2018
Brewery Artwalk Spring 2018
Brewery Artwalk Fall 2017
Brewery Artwalk Fall 2017

TV Pyramid

Media: Televisions and metal
Dimensions: 12’x12’x12’
Info/Location: Rolling Loud Music Festival

Rolling Loud Logo

The Portal

Media: Televisions, Cameras and Wood
Dimension: 10’x20’x10
Info/Location: Brewery Artists Lofts

Going into a Portal symbolizes abrupt transition into a new world and a complete shift in perspective. The Television and screens have the power to transport us.  This is reflected in the sculpture itself as our medium. This installation will provide people the ability to be transported through a portal in order to stoke their curiosity and maybe even shift their perspective. They may even use a device such as a cellphone (a different portal) to engage in the piece by taking a picture or video. Thus proving that the screen is the most infinite portal of all. 


Media: Televisions, Cables and Code.
Dimensions: 10'x3'x10'
Info/Location: 51 CRTS connected to a matrix of 51 custom coded computers to achieve complete control over all parameters. No Post editing, all live playback.

Pi Wall Installation utilizes 50 CRT Screens & a custom network of over 50 Raspberry Pi Video Controllers in order to display imagery across the entire canvas of screens

Selfie Indulgence

Steel, Live Cameras, Cables, Televisions, Light Strips
DImensions: 6'x'3'x6'
Info/Location: Artwalk / Two Bit Circus / Nothing Fest

Presented at both the Brewery Artwalk and Two Bit Circus for extended periods of time, Selfie Indulgence Interactive PhotoBooth uses live cameras in order to project the subjects head onto the screens.

One person sits behind the screens and although they can't see, their head appears on the television!

This forces the photographer to direct them as they become the star on the TV!