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Media: 75+ Assorted functional CRT Televisions mapped with a custom Raspberry Pi Rack via Resolume NDI

12x 27" DOTRONIX CRT's along with custom functional gack racks

Media Pollution in collaboration with HABSTRAKT, Insomniac & The Hollywood Palladium

Open Circuits for Samsung

April 2023

Open Circuits

Media: 30 LCDs, 50k+ LED pixels, circuit boards, 20 live streaming Samsung galaxy s23

Specs6 Steel Custom Framed Panels

Media Pollution in collaboration with Event Eleven, Bustle, Nylon House & Samsung

Shoe Palace Art Installation

2022 - 2023

Shoe Palace

Media: Vintage Televisions, lighting custom steel framing

SpecsMultiple installations of varying sizes

Media Pollution in collaboration with Shoe Palace

360 Vintage TV Installation

Sept 2022

A Forest For TV

Media: A 360 degree installation of Vintage Televisions, lighting custom wood framing

Specs: 8-10' diameter x 10' height

Media Pollution in collaboration with A Forest for the Trees

Vintage DJ Booth and Underground Club Experience

July 2022

Vintage DJ Booth and underground club

Media: Vintage Video Wall Monitors, Broadcast Televisions and Speakers.  Custom LIVE MAPPING with VJ + Astera Lighting

Dimensions: WHOLE ROOM

Info/Location: For a underground club vibe for a party in DTLA

Created by Media Pollution for Urban Decay

Nadia Lee Cohen Projection Mapping

May 2022

Media: 24x screen projection mapping with audio.  Movie Theater, Hotel Room, 3x projection screen and the one and only Keracolor TV

Dimensions: Main Room

Info/Location: Jeffrey Deitch Gallery Los Angeles, Ca

Created with the unbelievably awesome Nadia Lee Cohen

Nadia Lee Cohen

Vintage TV Stadium Installation

February 2022


Media: Custom TV Broadcast over 70 televisions, vintage studio lighting

Dimensions: 25’x8’x2’

Info/Location: An undisclosed warehouse in the valley

Created for The Tennis Channel

December 2021

Palm CRTrees

Media: Custom Steel Frame, 7xTelevisions, Custom 14xRaspberry Pi Network, RGB Controllable Neon and wires

Dimensions: 12’x4’x4’

Info/Location: Palm Springs


By Media Pollution for Desert Air Music Festival

Palm Tree CRT Installation
Art Installation Made From Recycled Materials

December 15, 2020

Electric Reef

Media: Televisions, found/recycled plastics, paint, wood, metal, and wires

Dimensions: 10’x4’x8’

Info/Location: Showfields Gallery Miami

Please consider supporting the Coral Reef Alliance

June 8, 2020


Media: Televisions and computer code

Dimensions: 10’x3’x10’

Info/Locations: In Solidarity with the movement

BLM Vintage Television Art Installation
High School Choir TV Installation

May 24, 2020

Phantom Sync

Media: 51 TVs and 51 speakers, coded to be in sync. 

Dimensions: 10’x3’x10’

Info/Locations:  Remote sync playback of high school choir during pandemic.  

December 13, 2019

TV Pyramid

Media: 167 CRT Televisions, metal, transmitters, & lights

Dimensions: 12’x12’x12’

Info/Location: Rolling Loud Music Festival

Rolling Loud Logo
Vintage TV Pyramid
Vintage TV Portal

October 22, 2019

The Portal

Media: Televisions, Cameras and Wood

Dimension: 10’x20’x10

Info/Location: Brewery Artists Lofts

October, 2019

HAUS of Creep

Media: Televisions, glass/mirrors, and wood

Dimensions: 10’x10’x10’

Info/Locations: ROW DTLA

Creepy Vintage TV installtion for Creep LA

April 28th, 2019


Media: Televisions, glass/mirrors, and wood

Dimensions: 10’x10’x10’

Info/Locations: Brewery Artist Lofts Los Angeles

Infinity TV Wall

April 1, 2019


Media: 51 CRTS connected to a matrix of 51 custom coded computers to achieve complete control over all parameters. No Post editing, all live playback.  Sound and live input reactive.

Dimensions: 10'x3'x10'

Mapped TV Wall

October 12th 2018


Media: Approx 180 televisions, wood, mannequin, plants and wires

Dimensions: 30’x16’x10

Info/Location: Brewery Artists

Vintage TV Room

April 2018


Media: Televisions, wood, mannequin, plants and wires

Info/Location: Merv Griffinn Estate (3 night event)

Vintage TV Wall for an after party

April 2018


Media: Televisions, wood, mannequin, plants and wires

Dimensions: 30’x16’x10

Info/Location: Brewery Artists Lofts approx 180 televisions

Vintage TV wall for an art walk


Selfie Indulgence Photo Booth

Media: Live Cameras, CRT Televisions, steel, and wires

Dimensions: Whole room

Info/Location: Brewery Artists Lofts, Two Bit Circus, Nothing Fest

Unique Photo Booth


Electric Skyline

Media: Boomboxes, CRT Televisions, wood, steel, and wires

Dimensions: 20 x 10 ft

Info/Location: Los Angeles Historic State Park

Electric Skyline


POLLUTION: a video installation

Media: CRT Televisions, wood, steel, foam, and wires

Dimensions: 20 x 20 ft.

Info/Location: Big Arts Studio Los Angeles

Massive TV Experience
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