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DAN DOWDING is an award-winning filmmaker and visual artist based in the Los Angeles area. He studied film at the Savannah College of Art & Design and was awarded Director of the year for his thesis film. He's worked for over a decade as a professional video editor for notable companies such as FOX, YouTube, Al Jazeera America & more in Los Angeles California. He founded Media Pollution in 2016 while exploring video integration through interactive installations built from recycled technologies. Now located in East LA, Media Pollution is a growing collective aimed toward merging old technologies with new media through experimental analog and digital processes to create interactive installation experiences.

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BRIAN FOX is a Chicago born, LA based DIY jack of all things electronic and mechanical.  During the day he is the Director of Reuse at Homeboy Electronics Recycling. Focused on discovering and creating value in people as well as electronics, he teaches a variety of individuals how to repair, refurbish and resell devices both newer and older.  At night (and on weekends) he transforms “scrap” and vintage electronics into sculpture and experience. He’s worked on projects for Netflix, Coachella, Spotify and more. Currently focused on the CRT television as the canvas, he’s excited to continue blending modern media methods with old technology.

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Veronica Gessa: Cuban American Artist Mokibaby began her creative career in the theater graduating from New World School of the Arts in Miami. Her passion for expression through film and analog electronics combined with crafty innovation led her to fabricate custom vintage television installations in 2013 for III Points Festival. While working at Supermarket Creative Agency her knack for ideating impactful consumer experiences for brands like Heineken and Citi Bike lead her down the rabbit hole of experiential production design and integrating emotional and physical connections with branded media. 


Since then her work has connected people to brands spanning from music, fashion, film, & art such as Red Bull, Budweiser, Maison Margiela, Diesel, Rolling Loud & Space Miami. Blurring the lines between analog technology and interactive experiential art, she creates pieces that simultaneously entertain, educate & engage audiences with studios in Miami, New York, Los Angeles. Veronica is currently the Art Director for Rhonda INTL having designed over 100 shows worldwide.

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"I think when you start amassing a large amount of televisions, you run into other people who amass a large amount of televisions."

- Nothing Mag, Issue No. 1

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