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Concepted at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when we realized that Dan's mom's High School Choir couldn't sing their final concert together.  Finished with about 1 day to go, we were able to have all the kids from the Chariho High School Choir record their parts(based on a master track) Then perfectly sync their playback using 51 raspberry pis.  This is the first time we used all the TV speakers as well as the TV screens.  A rats nest of cables(2 to each of the 51 TVs), we were able to re-create the sound of a choir in the room.  As far as we know this may be the most individual TV speakers and screens to play at the same time.  


Media: Televisions, Speakers and computer code

Dimensions: 10’x3’x10’

Details:  51 TVs and 51 speakers, all in sync.  Remote sync playback of high school choir during pandemic.  Composed by Lynn Dowding

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