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Concepted at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when we realized that Dan's mom's High School Choir couldn't sing their final concert together.  Finished with about 1 day to go, we were able to have all the kids from the Chariho High School Choir record their parts(based on a master track) Then perfectly sync their playback using 51 raspberry pis.  This is the first time we used all the TV speakers as well as the TV screens.  A rats nest of cables(2 to each of the 51 TVs), we were able to re-create the sound of a choir in the room.  As far as we know this may be the most individual TV speakers and screens to play at the same time.  

High School Musical Vintage TV Installation

Media: Televisions, Speakers and computer code

Dimensions: 10’x3’x10’

Details:  51 TVs and 51 speakers, all in sync.  Remote sync playback of high school choir during pandemic.  Composed by Lynn Dowding

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