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Media Pollution x Rolling Loud

Designed and created to be one of the centerpieces of the Rolling Loud Music Festival.  Displayed outside right next to the LA Colosseum this 12x12x12 pyramid consists of nearly 190 screens.  It runs off of 12 independent locally created TV stations to make it possible to select and modify what goes on which TV just by changing the channel.  TVs were hand picked and matched as each layer was built.  Made to be taken apart into 4 sections and moved on wheels it took a skilled welding crew a week+ to complete.  Taking nearly a whole day to pack and a whole LONG day to setup, its one of our most ambitious pieces.  Slated to travel the country with the festival.  It has say dormant due to the pandemic.   

Vintage TV Pyramind

Media: Televisions, metal, transmitters and lights

Dimensions: 12’x12’x12’

Details: Rolling Loud Music Festival

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