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Palm CRTrees

Two Palm Trees outlined in RGB LED Neon and built from a steel welded frame and 7 vintage televisions illuminate the horizon. As you get closer to the sculpture the intricacies and imagery become clearer. Through a LAN feed by a computer, a blend of fully customizable images and colors dance across the 12 foot structure in perfect sync with music or potentially with interaction from the observer. A digital and analog monolith camouflages into the scenes of our digital world like a "CRTTree in Nature". We're drawn to this piece as viewers because it represents multiple layers of nostalgic, iconic California.


Presented at Desert Air Music Festival 2021 Palm Springs in association with @mokibaby

Media: Custom Steel Frame, 7xTelevisions, Custom 14xRaspberry Pi Network, RGB Controllable Neon and wires

Dimensions: 12’x4’x4’

Detaila: Palm Springs Desert Air Music Festival

Vintage CRT Tree Sculpture
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