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Developed over the course of a few years, PiWall is based on concepts set forth and found in open source code of the same name. We initially set out to make the most unique CRT video wall ever created.  Now, fully controllable as if each tv were an individual pixel or as a whole unit.  We can essentially achieve any configuration or incarnation of a mapped or single tv experience possible.  All live and essentially instantaneous.  Controlled by 51 raspberry pis and setup on a local network, we must say this was the technically hardest, but most fun thing we've ever worked on.  PiWall has traveled the country been used for various live and recorded productions, including for an artist spotlight for Bad Bunny.  Below you'll find numerous examples of PiWall in use, but in no way shape or form does it capture what it feels like in person.  Please note no post processing has been done to this media.  Its all being captured as it happens. 

Vintage Mapped TV Wall

Media: Televisions, Cables and Code.

Dimensions: 10'x3'x10'

Details: 51 CRTS connected to a matrix of 51 custom coded computers to achieve complete control over all parameters. No Post editing, all live playback.  Sound and live input reactive.

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