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JVC KV-2700ch RGB 2/3" Tube Camera

JVC KV-2700ch RGB 2/3" Tube Camera


Lens: JVC HZ-2140U TVZ Servo 10-140mm F.1.7 ø72mm (CF 3’3” with a Macro Opt) *Please note these are “TV” Lenses and the front element spins with Focus

3 - ⅔” Saticon RGB Tube Camera from 1984 - 

500 Lines of Resolution

Metered around 200 ISO at standard sensitivity with 6db/12db options 


Auto or Manual Exposure


Powered via 12V 4Pin XLR


Hard line NTSC signal flow- No internal recorder.


On Camera Eyepiece or Black and White CRT viewfinder available 


We have everything you need to power via AB batteries and record to HD ProRes, send us a message for a package rate!


NOTE: Tube cameras are highly sensitive tools and you will need to read our FAQ before taking cameras out.



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