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Vintage CRT TV Wall Rental

Mini Vintage Installation


Approximately 7 TVs 

10' wide by 6' tall  with various lighting and furniture

This collection is just a reference of some of the TV stacks we've created over the years.  We can make similar or completely unique setups.  Plus we have lots of customized shelving that make it safe and seemless.  Contact us about your vintage TV wall ideas anytime! 


Always dependant on time frame, scope, customization, and location.   

Time Frame

We can setup and teardown in the same night or design refurbished automated setups that can run for a week, months, or even years.  Just let us know how soon you need it and how long you need em for! 


Do you need us to create and run unique amazing visuals all day?  Or are you playing back a few simple loops, or maybe just static is your vibe.  We have simple inexpensive media loopers and/or great designers/technicians that can create/run visuals for you. 

Customization(Size and Shape)

Most of the time you can't stack TVs more than 3-5' high safely without shelving.  So one of the first things we'll need to figure out is can we use some of our pre-existing shelves?  Or will we need to customize new structures?   Sometimes we do a little of both to make something really unique, but on budget.  


We have a full service production studio in LA with lots of fun stuff to create with, but we can also bring it anywhere in the world.   Typically filming in our studio is less expensive than bringing our installations to your location.  

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