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HI FI JBL Movie Theater PA Speakers

HI FI JBL Movie Theater PA Speakers


Rental is for a Pair of JBLs.  

When you want the most amazing sounding musicical experience for your small to medium sized event these are it.  Powered Restored Vintage QSC 1000 watt amplifiers(Rental Separate) as well as a electronic crossover.  Setup requires trained AV Technician for tuning and maximum clarity/power.  

Usable Response to 35 Hz typically requires Subwoofer for the maximum low end(Rental Separate)


Complete Package with amplifiers and crossover for woofers and tweeters $850, please inquire first. 


Model Info:

Woofer Cabinet 4648A-8  impedance  8 ohm

2x 15" Woofer and MASSIVE Tweeters, the sound stage of these speakers is unprecedented 

Specifications: 1200 watts, continuous pink noise



JBL 2446H 2" Horn Driver 8 Ohm and JBL 2360 Horn

Specifications: • 100 watts continuous above 500 Hz, 150 watts continuous above 1 kHz • VCdia: 4" • Frequency range: 500-20,000 Hz • Sensitivity: 111 dB • Dimensions: 9-1/4" dia. x 5-1/4" depth.



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