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JVC KV-1900ch RGB 2/3" Tube Camera

JVC KV-1900ch RGB 2/3" Tube Camera


Lens: JVC HZ-2100U TVZ Servo 10-100mm F.1.6 ø72mm (CF 3’3” with a Back Focus Macro)

*Please note these are “TV” Lenses and the front element spins with Focus


3 - ⅔” Saticon RGB Tube Camera from 1982


400 Lines of Resolution


Metered around 200 ISO at standard sensitivity with 9db gain option


Built in Black and White Eyepiece


Auto or Manual Exposure


Powered via 12V 4Pin XLR - AC Adapter Included. No Batteries.


Hard line NTSC signal flow - No Interal Recorder


We have everything you need to power via AB batteries and record to HD ProRes, send us a message for a package rate!


NOTE: Tube cameras are highly sensitive tools and you will need to read our FAQ before taking cameras out.



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